It has been drawn to our attention that an article appeared in the Courier Mail and several regional News Corp newspapers on 21 September 2020 incorrectly suggesting that Bigambul Native Title Aboriginal Corporation had been placed into administrations amidst allegations of fraud.  This is untrue and we are seeking an immediate retraction from the relevant newspapers.

Bigambul Ltd, a legally unrelated entity that has no current role in relation to the administration of the Native Title rights or property of the Bigambul People, was placed into voluntary administration on 19 August 2020.  Bigambul Native Title Aboriginal Corporation is not in administration and remains fully operational.  It continues to act in its role as the trustee of the Bigambul People‚Äôs Native Title rights and its Board remains committed to acting in the best interests of the Bigambul People.  There has been no suggestion of fraud or dishonest conduct on the part of any of the current directors of the Bigambul Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, nor are they under any investigation.

For further information, a circular on the history and current status of the two separate entities is available below.

Information Circular