Bigambul Nation Planning – Cultural Flows

Since commencing our water management project in the last half of the 2018/2019 financial year, BNTAC has undertaken significant activity in the development of the Bigambul Nation Planning – Cultural Flows – Gulli Wongul Nation Plan.


The Bigambul Cultural Flows Working Group undertook significant Nation Planning activity, which was funded and supported by the Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations (NBAN). Through the Bigambul Nation Planning Working Group, Stage one has been completed and Stage Two mapped and developed.


A key component of the nation planning and cultural flows process involved the Working Group identifying Our Nation’s spiritual, cultural, environmental, social and economic objectives for the Bigambul sites of significance. Sites of significance identified include:

  • Inglewood Grinding Grooves
  • Boobera Lagoon
  • Lees Reserve
  • Old Camp and Turtle Bend – Toobeah
  • Sandy Beach


This represents an ongoing and continuous work priority for BNTAC.