Employment Opportunities

Bigambul Native Title Aboriginal Corporation are committed to supporting the economic development and independence of Our people and Our nation. To these ends, BNTAC operates and delivers a continuously expanding program of culturally tailored training and employment supports and opportunities, directly aimed at supporting and promoting the economic attainments and aspirations of Bigambul people. This includes a combination of projects and initiatives that we deliver directly, as well as in combination with regional proponents and collaborators.

BNTAC aim to provide Our people and community with regular updates and information regarding current and forthcoming opportunities pertaining to training and employment. To these ends, BNTAC readily update our website and Facebook page as a means of providing Bigambul people with latest information regarding both training and employment opportunities on offer.

For current paid employment vacancies, please see below.


1) BNTAC Empowerment Officer

BNTAC are currently seeking applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to fill the role of Empowerment Officer. The position will be based in Goondiwindi, operating regionally across our Determination Area. The position will be responsible for delivery of employment case management services to support Bigambul people with work readiness, job placement and post-placement support. The aim of the role is to achieve and support successful training access, skills development, employment take up and employment retention outcomes.

The Empowerment Officer role will actively contribute to supporting BNTAC’s aim of increasing training and employment outcomes for Our people, and overall economic independence for the Bigambul nation. The position is part of a progressively expanding work program for BNTAC aimed at developing capacity to deliver culturally and individually tailored supports to Bigambul people that promote and support their training and employment aspirations and outcomes.

For further information regarding the role and how to apply, please download the position description.

Empowerment Officer Position Description


2) BNTAC Drought Resilience Officer

BNTAC are seeking to engage a full-time Drought Resilience Officer over a 12-month period. The role will operate from Toowoomba and across the entirety of the Bigambul nation.

The purpose of the position is to deliver on-country demonstrations/information sessions and workshops that will be open to whole-of-community, however with particular emphasis on primary producers and agricultural/pastoral companies operating in and on our Determination Area. Targeted demonstrations, sessions and workshops will cover traditional burning practices as well as preventative land rejuvenation techniques. These activities form part of BNTAC’s ‘Drought Preparedness, Resilience & Resistance Project’ – aimed at better preparing and equipping our nation, inclusive of our country and waterways, primary producers/land users and whole-of-community generally to be more drought preventative, resilient and resistant.

For further information regarding the role and how to apply, please download the position description.

Drought Resilience Officer Position Description


3) BNTAC Caring for Country Project Officer

BNTAC are seeking to engage a suitably qualified and experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person on a part-time (approximately 20hours per week) to undertake the role of Caring for Country Project Officer over a 12month period. The role will support the development and implementation of the Bigambul nation’s 10year Caring for Country Plan – a comprehensive plan for health country and a thriving Bigambul community. The role will work closely with the BNTAC Empowerment Officer and Drought Resilience Officer – with complementary cross-overs existing between and across these positions and their respective scope of work and focus. The position will be responsible for providing a long term, community-led and driven Caring for Country plan that encapsulates our vision and targets for a healthy and thriving Bigambul nation and culture, and which also supports opportunities for community and economic development.

Caring for Country Project Officer Position Desription